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The Earthquake in Ridgecrest California USA Today

Earthquake struck southern California on July 5, 2019

DEVELOPING OVERNIGHT: A second powerful earthquake shook parts of Southern California Friday night. 

A degree of 7.1 earthquake struck southern California , 120 miles from the epicenter here in the San Fernando Valley. Not even close and we’re still feeling it good.

Experts say this time a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Ridgecrest, California.

That was scary I thought oops is not stopping..but it did, and I checked the house and any gas leak.. Happened also at all the pool houses. Be careful guys!

“Get Under the Table.” Dramatic video was taken during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Ridgecrest, California.
**Sensitive to some viewers**

This Map shows past earthquakes and the epicenter of the M7.1 July 5, 2019 southern California earthquake.

  A degree of 7.1 earthquake struck southern California on July 5, 2019

Important alert for economic losses that there is important damage, and the disaster is likely widespread. Estimated for the economic losses are almost $1 billion dollars, less than 1% of GDP of the United States. the events with the red alert high level have required a national or international level response.

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