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6 year old battles tears to master table tennis in China

6 years old girl master table tennis is too powerful for the future

A 6 years old girl master table tennis from China, province Shandong has inspired a lot of Ping Pong Fan with her determination . She is now an online influence star after the video of training school shared of her sessions online. After training hard for a long time, she won like a star in her age group at her first official competition in Ping Pong.

Lets check the video of bellow.

Training can be tough, but this little girl in China is determined to become a table tennis master by her parents? or by herself. I sincerely hope she will become one of the great players in Ping Pong in future.

Let encourage an abusive regime trying to somehow prove itself in sport and thinking it will make them look better to the world view… China still think a Gold medal is only about winning in the end… the journey to get it is whats impressive not the medal itself. Your athlete are human being not tools…

If she wants then it’s okay but she doesn’t then please don’t steal her childhood.

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