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Absolutely speechless,2020 events. This was incredible and heartbreaking all at once. It is exactly what 2020 is and feels like.

2020 events is not a movie – year review by Cee-Roo

2020 events brought tears to my eyes, that’s all of it actually happened in real life and it’s not some movies. Absolutely speechless. This was incredible and heartbreaking all at once. It is exactly what 2020 is feels like.

2020 Remixed ! (Year review by Cee-Roo)

Stunning, thrilling, breathtaking to goosebumps. When we let them separate us physically, mentally and emotionally, we are so easily manipulated and controlled…

The Great Conjunction marked the start of a new era some days ago and now gives the humanity a chance to learn the hard lessons while it’s not too late, otherwise the Earth will take a break from tolerating our species soon, very soon.

Such simple things as peace, health, love, beauty, nature, warm hearts and bonds – matter the most. ” I just wanna live…” Hope we’ve been through this mind-blowing 2020! Let’s try to make 2021 better, happier, stronger, less selfish and cruel but more humane…

SEQUENCE LIST in order of 2020 events

-Beirut explosion Aftermath

-Protests in Belarus

-Black Lives Matter movement

-Australian Bushfire

-Gangasagar Mela Holy Bath in India

-Aftermath of the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines

-Watch Clock projected onto Downing Street counts down to Brexit

-Trump acquitted at impeachment trial

-Australian Bushfire

-Australia mourns wildfire victims in public commemoration

-Qasem Soleimani funeral

-Los Angeles Lakers Pay Tribute To Kobe Bryant

-Shakira & J. Lo’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

-Wuhan residents chant “Jiayou” at their windows

-Empty streets around the world during lockdown 

-People clapping, screaming and chanting during the Pandemic –

– Musicians playing on balconies during the Pandemic

-Inside hospital’s fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic

-Politicians speeches held during U.N General Assembly

-The fight against the pandemic goes on with a massive production of masks and vaccines

-Volcano Taal eruption in the Philippines

-Belarus Police use stun grenades against protesters in Minsk

-Police Are Breaking Up Peaceful protests Steps From the White House

-Anti-government protests in Hong Kong

-Protesters storm Kyrgyzstan’s parliament building in Bishkek

-Chile protests -Night of chaos during Minneapolis protests

-Chile protests -Minneapolis protests

-Houthi insurgency in Yemen

-George Floyd death video

-Man beaten to death by supermarket security guards in Brazil -A French music producer is beaten down by police officers in Paris

-Hong Kong protests

-Jail riot captured on surveillance video at the Sandoval County Detention Center -A French music producer is beaten down by police officers in Paris

-Hong Kong protests

-Thousands march to the White House during George Floyd protests

-Cellist Sevak Avanesyan performs in destroyed Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shusha

-George Floyd’s brother calls for peace after protests

-President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser’s prayer service

-Hong Kong protests -Houthi insurgency in Yemen

-Woman punched to the ground during latest Belarus protests

-Judgment Is Executed on COVID-19 by Kenneth Copeland

-Chile Churches set on fire on anniversary of protests

-Poland protests in Warsaw -Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

-Driver attacked by Belarusian Police

-Beijing holds flag-raising ceremony on China’s national day -Refugees face tear gas on Turkish border -Thailand protests

-Young children saved from bombed house in Syria

-Guinea elections violence follows sunday’s vote

-Canadians mourn Iran plane crash victims

-Australian bushfire from the firetruck

-Wildfires in California and Australia

-Massive dust storm engulfs New South Wales in Australia

-Churches burned amid tense anniversary protests in Chile

-Huge thunderstorm in Western Australia

-Concert hall ceiling collapses in St. Petersburg

-Super typhoon Goni causes heavy floods in several Philippine provinces

-Landslide engulfs Jade mine in Myanmar, killing 113

-Beirut explosion

-Drone footage of Yemeni city of Taiz

-Hundreds of thousands evacuated as major floods devastate Sichuan province, China

-Aftermath of Chernobyl fires -12-year-old Keedron Bryant sings ”I Just Wanna Live”

-George Floyd’s daughter Gianna: “Daddy changed the world”

-Fireworks in Split as Torcida celebrates 70th birthday

-Soccer legend Diego Maradona has died at 60

-Maradona’s daughter in tears following Boca’s tribute to her father

-Woman plays violin while undergoing brain surgery

-Patients healed from coronavirus get out of hospital

-Nurses Cheer and cry as FDNY and NYPD thank them outside of NYU Langone

-Families reunite as Italy eases lockdown

-Romain Grosjean walks away from dramatic crash at Bahrain Grand Prix

-Central Vietnam floods -Black Live Matters protests

-Joe Biden’s speech after becoming President-Elect of the United States of America

-Senator Kamala Harris’ remarks at the 2020 DNC

-Cops Are Taking a Knee during BLM protests

-Iran Worshippers celebrate Muharram under COVID-19 restrictions

-Holocaust Memorial held in Jerusalem

-Amid COVID-19, thousands flock to Mecca for the Hajj

-“One World Together At Home”, concerts in support of the World Health Organization -Andrea Bocelli live from Duomo di Milano

-People dancing around the world

2020 events was a catastrophe. It’s been a bad year. May the year 2021 be the best, may God have mercy on us

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