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About FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019‬‬

About FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019‬‬

Twenty four teams around the worlds are playing for FIFA Womens World Cup France in Paris 2019‬‬‬‬

Great to see women trying to play football ,so France, Brazil, Norway, Australia or again USA the last women world cup champion ? It’s anyone’s guess who will win the FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019‬‬‬‬?

Where is the Women’s World Cup?

This year FIFA Women’s World Cup , it will be in France kicks off this Friday in Paris, celebrating a huge rise in popularity for women’s soccer.

Who won the last Women’s World Cup?

The team who won the last Women’s Fifa world cup is USA. women’s on the USA squad scored 5 goals against japan. What a great team that the USA, they show a high quality football, really: I pull my hat Ladies. So 5-2 United States wins third Women’s World Cup title.

USA vs Japan 5 – 2 All Goals & Highlights video click Link here

When does FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019‬‬‬‬‬‬ start?

Upcoming 2019 Women’s World Cup Time

Friday 14 June

Group D: Japan vs Scotland (3pm, Rennes) Check out the link : HERE 2-1 victory Goes to Scotland in Group D.

Group D: England vs Argentina (6pm, Le Havre) 

Group C: Jamaica vs Italy (9pm, Reims) Check out the link Click : HERE 5 – 0 Victory goes to Italy

Saturday 15 June

Group E: Canada vs New Zealand (8pm, Grenoble) 

Group E: Netherlands vs Cameroon (6pm, Valenciennes) 

Sunday 16 June

Group F: Sweden vs Thailand (5pm, Nice) 

Group F: United States vs Chile (2pm, Paris) 

Monday 17 June

Group B: South Africa vs Germany (5pm, Montpellier) 

Group B: China vs Spain (5pm, Le Havre)

Group A: South Korea vs Norway (8pm, Reims) 

Group A: Nigeria vs France (8pm, Rennes)

Tuesday 18 June

Group C: Italy vs Brazil (8pm, Valenciennes)

Group C: Jamaica vs Australia (8pm, Grenoble) 

Score FIFA FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019‬‬‬‬ Today

FIFA Women's World Cup Today
FIFA Women’s World Cup Today

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