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Who is the real owner of the world record egg’s Instagram page? The mystery behind the Instagram Egg

The mystery behind the Instagram Egg Epic and buzz

Who is the real owner of the world record egg’s Instagram page?

The most picture like on instagram

On September 12, 2016, the channel uploaded a video called Explore a Nebula. In that video, Jake finally concludes that Michael Stevens is part of the Illuminati. But is Dolan Dark Illuminati?

That’s not my point. If you go to Random Illuminati confirmed theory generator, which Jake used in that video, it tells you to subscribe to PewDiePie to help him win against T-Series.

The mystery behind the Instagram Egg

So like it or not, Dolan Dark is the main reason why PewDiePie is still the most subscribed channel on YouTube. But there’s more. PewDiePie’s Rewind was partially edited by both Dolan Dark and Grandayy.

So did Dolan Dark, back in 2016, know that one day he and Grandayy would join forces and make the Rewind? Yes, that’s right. Dolan Dark can see the future confirmed.

What an EGGcelent theory! I’ve never seen anything more EGGstroudinary before! It seems to be EGGcactly right! Dolan has been EGGed! Sorry for being a bit HARD-BOILED with the puns, but it’s really been COOKING up a storm! But I’ll make a few more puns just to EGGstend the length of this comment, because it’s fun to just GOOSE around!

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