A 72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Who Will Make You Smile

Age is a number!


Josefina Monasterio an AMAZING FEMALE BODYBUILDER ,I’m sure everyone inside the gym was inspired the day when she is there.Turning non-believers into believers with a visual effect even if it’s not the truth indeed will motivate the masses?

She has a better body and more energy than younger people! Watching her makes me feel so happy!
She looks amazing but the best part is her attitude and her energy. Very inspiring.
People who exercise and doing workout are happy! Zero depression!! She’s great! I love her!?

Actually not baby, there is also others aspects involved for your total come back Depending on your age. Our fitness shakes and amino acids might not be it… ??
Congratulations to you grand-mama ???????

Society conditions anyone over 40 to think it’s all downhill. It’s a learned mindset caused from the belief that middle aged or older population need to become sedentary.

That inactive behavior is what causes or exaggerates any ailments. Then the pills are thrown at us which age people even further! Stay active, resort to natural remedies if possible, eat in balance, do things that help with stress, and have a positive outlook.

Do not get caught up in the old age stigma that it’s all downhill or it will definitely happen!

The mind and the body are one

Sometimes people think all it takes is steroids and POW

josefina AMAZING FEMALE BODYBUILDER was 59 when she started bodybuilding. Today, at 72, she brought her infectious energy and spirit to the show.
I am just astonished to see her energy level. Omg it’s just unbelievable.

Watch the video : Steve’s face when she walked in XD

Some People Review about this AMAZING FEMALE BODYBUILDER , they said : “Yes, the spirit is good, she is right to stay healthy. But her body is terrible. Why she need so many muscles?
It looks like a man inside the woman underwear. I do not see any woman at all.?”

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